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Holiday with children

Are you planning a longer vacation with children? Where do you think this year you could take your family? What place would be accounted appeal to you and your children? Do not hesitate, get next to the mountains.

Going on holiday with children wondering whether there will be on-site attractions that will delight everyone of you and make the holiday will be unique. Mountain resorts are open to tourists throughout the year and for sure you will not be bored there. Mountains have an advantage over the sea, the weather below 25 degrees do not mind, and even encourages. On the Baltic, unfortunately, it does not make sense to sit on the beach when it’s cold and windy, the more the mountains are better for a family holiday. You do not have to spend whole days at all on journeys, so do not worry about fitness and well-being of children.

A great place for a holiday trip with children is the capital of the Giant Mountains, Karpacz. It offers plenty of attractions to see and experience in the center of the village. Children will not forget the magical moments in Municipal Toy Museum. A visit there will be the perfect opportunity to show their children what yourselves fascinated and amused when you were young toddlers. Equally interesting experience will ensure Tales Park, where the soothing natural environment will meet the heroes of stories for children. In addition to these Park offers a rich instruments and devices playground. If you want to sneak educational value to the follies and carefree holiday, the program stay in Karpacz dopiszcie sure to visit Krkonoše Mysteries. In this contemporary design “museum” You will know the history of the region specified in an accessible and attractive way. For this Wild West town – Western City Private Museum of Technology and building with Lego blocks or tobogganing … Boredom certainly nobody dokuczy.

Even if the weather instead of sunlight decided to pay thunderstorms and a wall of rain – it is easy for interesting and valuable to spend time. In this case important is the choice of the hotel where we will stay. Check before you book your stay, which offers the premises. Properly equipped playroom where children can watch cartoons, paint, play and have fun, will allow you to breathe and relax. For example, for a coffee or treatments in the spa. It is worth checking whether served in a pension meals are prepared specially for children. Sophistically given in correspondingly smaller portion will disappear from the plates in the blink of an eye.

The smallest babies require special care. It is good before going to figure out what is for them that we have chosen the hotel. It is widely accepted that for children up to two years if they sleep with their parents in the same bed, premise does not take any money. Typically, the offer includes “baby packages”, whereby for a small fee we’ll get to disposal, among others, Extra cots, baby monitor and bathtub, non-slip chair to the bathroom. Particular care they require the most-youngest, does not mean that you have to sit with them in the four walls. Especially when the weather invites you into contact with nature. Well-equipped guest house will be in stock specialized carriers (eg. BabyBjörn Synergy or Deuter Kid Comfort) and trolleys hiking to borrow.

By choosing to travel with the children remember that about them, and about themselves. A multitude of features at your fingertips, great natural circumstances, clean and crisp air make the night our kids are staying tastier than gophers. It also will allow you to give yourself fully pastimes and relaxation, rest and recharge the internal battery power for the next year. Memories of the common holiday you will recall with a smile over the years.

For Kids

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The price includes

  • śniadanie (opcja BB)
  • śniadanie + obiadokolacja (opcja HB)
  • kawa, herbata, zimne napoje
  • internet Wi-Fi - 50Mbps - najszybszy w Karpaczu!
  • SPA: jacuzzi, sauny, tężnia
  • Bilard
  • dozorowany parking
  • opłata klimatyczna